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School and such


Olessia and I have both been busy with school.  We don’t see much of each other until the weekend.

I took some pictures at Back 2 the Wild.  Saw a lot of birds of prey.

John hosted the Halloween party.  Olessia took some pictures.

No Longer an U. Akron Student


I tried to transfer my calculus 2 class from Tri-C to the University of Akron.  No luck.  In fact, because I took it outside of U. Akron, I’m no longer a student.  Nice.  So now I have to transfer back in as a new student.  Doing so will require an additional 3 or so more classes I will have to take, so I’m going to wait and take them at Tri-C, then transfer everything over.

Photography, Software, School


I’m going to tackle all of these, although not necessarily in order…

View of Cleveland From the East Side

View of Cleveland From the East Side

Nothing too new with photography.  I did attend the Cleveland Photographic Society club meeting and it was quite interesting.  I plan to attend more meetings when I’m feeling better (I missed the last meeting due to sinuses).  Olessia and I headed over to Lake View Cemetery to check out the James Garfield monument.  The balcony has a nice view of Cleveland and we grabbed some shots.  I wasn’t feeling too good so I didn’t shoot much.

Calculus 2 is chugging along.  So far, it appears I am minus 12 points from 100% for 2 quizes and one exam.  I’m hoping and working hard to hold onto this lead.  Just three exams (second one will be tomorrow), two quizzes, and a final left to go.

Something new, I wrote a C# app to change my desktop wallpaper randomly across multiple monitors.  Its open source and can be found here: WallpaperChanger.



It is that time of the year.  Fall semester has started.  What am I taking?

Wait for it…

Calculus II!


This one is Tri-C flavored.  I have spent this year at Tri-C.  I took Trig in the spring (aced it).  I took calculus I in the summer (did ok and landed a C, not bad for working full time and sitting in a calc class for 3+ hours twice a week).  Now it is calculus II, at the Metro campus.  The commute isn’t as bad as Parma, but not as nice as the five minutes it took to get to the Eastern campus.  The class is just over 2 hours which is oddly enough, a refreshing change. Hopefully I can get through this one.  The books for this class are getting expensive!

The prof seems pretty good and there’s 800 points up for grabs.  I am striving for a C.  I can probably settle for a D too, although a D is not too exciting to transfer over to the University of Akron.

Also in school news, Olessia attended an MBA open house at Baldwin Wallace.  It seems like a great program and she is looking forward to jumping in in the spring.

Cantenna links


We’re building cantennas in class so here’s a list of links I’ve found which have seem handy:


Howto + additional info

Here is my adventures wardriving. These will take a while to load:

Wardriving on 77Pictures from scanning the U. Akron Exchange parking deck

Wardriving on Rt 8

Wardriving on Rt 8 using a cantenna – Rather interesting to compare these results to teh Rt 8 results. Same path taken using 2 different antennas and some rather different results. The Rt 8 trip was from using an omni antenna and it did a great job picking up everything in the local area. The cantenna seems to be able to pick up APs at a greater range, although when you’re driving, its tough to get it pointed in all directions at the same time, so if its pointed left, it may miss what is out on the right.

The conclusion of the Database Management class


I scored an A in the database management class. I must have done ok on the final and the 2nd project. Kinda curious what grades I got. Oh well.

The class was very handy. It already helped with some queries I had at work. Its nice to know the theories behind the madness.

I would be tempted to post the 2nd program, but it requires too much, I think, to make it run (MS SQL, plus the schema and data, plus the application, plus .NET v2 runtime). Maybe later I’ll post the code. If I don’t, its because it was my first C# app and its probably not the best way to implement what I implemented.

School page updated


I’ve updated the info in the school page. All the DSA2 programs and their source have been linked. Plus, I’ve updated my course list (only about 13 more classes to go).



I think I survived it! I walked into class with a 93% and walked out with a 97%. This doesn’t take into account the final exam I just took. I think the exam went ok. There were a few questions I know I got wrong, a few I know I got right, and a few I’m not sure about.

I got the Adventure program back. Scored 105 points out of 100! Everything in the program had worked. And if you don’t mind, I wanna quote the comments:

Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm: “Very elegantly written – especially for someone who didn’t start as a Java programmer! You used Java methods extremely well and intuitively here.”

Documentation: “Incredible! I looked through it very carefully, trying not to bend any pages. I also did not write on any of your code. No reason, to in any event, as your program works perfectly. (+5)”

Other: “Just an overall very professional job and good code.”

Me: Whoa!

Whew! DSA2 Program 4 Done!


The last program for DSA2 is now done. The program works (hopefully to the way the prof wants it). The documentation ended up filling a 1″ standard binder (I tried and a 1/2″ binder wasn’t going to cut it!). I’ll post the code probably after tomorrow. I think I have to post code for program 3 too. I’ll get that done too.

Also U. Akron related: The Zips football team won a championship! I talked to several people and they had all given up on the game 2 minutes or so before the end and the Zips managed to turn things around in those last minutes making for an exciting game.

School – status update


Russian class is going pretty well. I’ve had a number of one on one classes now. Some of it is getting a bit foggy due to all the word ending changes.

My computer science class has had its ups and downs. I did a great job bombing the last test. My mind was elsewhere for the exam. I think its safe for me to post the code to program 3. I rounded up 6 bonus points on that program. If I heard correctly, my program was the only one to handle all 5 test cases properly. Program 4, the last one of the semester is about done. Its functional and could probably be turned in as is. But I’m going to poke at it and polish it up a bit. This time I documented the snot out of it while WRITING the code, versus last time when I wrote the code and then went back to document it (that sucked).

I’m working on testing out of Applied Internet programming. The paperwork has all the needed signatures, I just need to pay up and take the exams.

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