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Olessia’s Fit

Olessias 2009 Honda Fit Sport

Olessia's 2009 Honda Fit Sport

Olessia just purchased this 2009 Honda Fit Sport.  She ordered it a couple weeks ago and word was it would be 8 to 10 weeks for it to come in (6 weeks just to ship!).  The dealer pulled some strings and got one a bit sooner.  So Friday the dealer called and told Olessia the car was in.  She ran over to the dealer and did some paperwork while they spent the day preping the car.  She picked it up at 5pm and it was just about good to go (it was missing floor mats since they thought they were standard but were not).

She got a great price on it.  It is a manual transmission (5-speed) and has a navigation unit.  She also added on the cargo tray and cargo shelf.

I drove it on Saturday and it is a FUN car.  It has some nice get-up-and-go.  The seats are very comfy.  The interior has a really nice finish to it.  And geez does this thing have gadgets!  It has a USB adapter for MP3s and iPods, an audio jack, a port for plugging memory sticks in, and plays MP3 CDs and audio DVDs!  The car has voice recognition for controlling the navigation unit and audio.  And to top it all, Olessia is getting about 37mpg!

Now Olessia has a properly working defroster, heating, and AC (and probably her first car with WORKING air conditioning!).

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1994 Ford Escort LX 2-Door Hatchback



1995 Acura Integra GS-R


Brief Acura Integra 3rd Generation History

The first year for the third generation Integra was 1994 and the GS-R did come in four door and hatchback flavors.  The 1995 models are very similar to the 1994 editions but minor engineering updates throughout the car.  The 1996 Integra received OBDII (the ’94/’95s had ODBI) and minor engineering updates.

The GS-R was the top end model until the release of the Type-R in 1997.  In 1998, the third generation Integra line saw a slight cosmetic update and is usually known as version 3.1.  The easiest way to tell a version 3 Integra from a version 3.1 Integra is to check the rear tail lights.  If the turn signals are amber, then its a version 3 (’94-’97).  If they’re red, then its a version 3.1 Integra (’98-’01).  Another trick is to watch the blinking front turn signals at night.  If the entire turn signal module blinks in sync (there’s two bulbs), then its a version 3.1.  The ’94-’97s two bulbs blink opposite each other producing an interesting on/off effect.  You have to watch out, the front turn signals appear to be a favorite for kids to modify.

The third generation Integra design survived for seven years until the release of the 2002 Acura RSX, the predecessor to the Integra.  The RSX was discontinued in 2007.


2006 Acura TSX


Brief Acura TSX History

The TSX was first introduced in 2004, in the USA. Outside of the US, the TSX is known as the Honda Accord. The 06′ TSX model is based off the Accord Type-S found in Japan. The TSX fills gap left when the Integra sedan was discontinued and replaced by the RSX (which only came in a hatch back flavor).

There was little change from the 2004 to 2005 TSX. The 2006 model had minor model improvements (for example: minor bumper style changes, fog lamps included, bluetooth included).  The 2007 model introduced tire pressure sensors.

The 2006 Acura TSX was awarded 2006 10Best Award “Best Sports Sedan” from Car & Driver.

The Maintenance Minder codes for the 2006 Acura TSX, from page 274 from the “2006 TSX Owner’s Manual” by Acura.


Autocross 2007


My TSX has some miles under it now so I think it's ready for an autocross.  I just want to autocross it once or twice to get a better feel of the car.  It's weighs in at 3200lbs so it is not going to be as nimble as the Integra.  It should be fun though.  I hope to have some pictures to post from the event.

Civic for sale


Olessia’s Civic is for sale. We’ve got some pictures up in the gallery. Its a ’95 Civic, 5-speed manual, new tires and exhaust, MP3/CD player, and about 171k miles on it.

TSX Specs


I compiled the specs for the TSX (just like what I did for the my GS-R). These are the 2006 Acura TSX (manual) specs. Kind of fun to compare it to the GS-R.




2006 Acura TSX Finally!

After talking about it for 2 years, I’ve finally done it. I purchased a 2006 Acura TSX 6-speed (no navi). Silver, dark gray, and black were the only colors to choose from that had a manual transmission and within the 6 states. The silver is sharp (in my opinion).

The TSX isn’t as fast as my Integra. But it does seat 4 adults very comfortably. The bells-and-whistles are amazing. The Bluetooth connection does work with my Nokia 6600, although all call data is missing, such as phone number, battery level, and signal strength. All the cables for my MP3 player and cell phone tuck nicely in the center console where there’s a power adapter and audio jack. The automatic windows down option on the remote has been great for cooling the car off after its been sitting in the sun.

The car has an amazing amount of power. Put 4 people in it and it still pulls just as hard as if there’s just one person (this wasn’t the case in my Integra or Civic). I drove down to Columbus and the car did 32.8 miles per gallon. That’s about as good as my Integra, which has a much smaller engine.

The car is amazing…


TSX Status


Tuesday I found out the dealer was getting in on Wednesday a dark gray with gray interior TSX, in a 6-speed. On Tuesday evening Olessia and I checked out the shade of gray and concluded neither of us really liked it (we’d both take the black over the dark gray). So I visisted the dealer on Wednesday and talked to the sales manager (both my sales guys were out that day). He checked the colors I was interested in (blue, silver, white, black) and found only 2 silver cars and 1 black car (all with black interiors). I told him to I’d be interested in the silver. Wednesday evening he told me he was able to get one. Hopefully today I’ll find out when it will be in. It would be awesome if it came in today.

TSX Silver

Update: My TSX will be coming in to the dealership on Friday and I can take delivery on Saturday!


The website is a lot of fun. The Acura TSX doesn’t exist outside of the USA. Outside, its better known as the Honda Accord.

Honda Accord Saloon

Honda Accord Saloon

TSX in the near future?


The “Teg” is holding up great. The time has come where I could use a 4-door. At the same time, I want something that is reliable, fun, and looks professional. Having some bells and whistles would be great too!

I’ve been keeping a watch on the Acura RSX when it came out. I always wanted one. The RSX replaces the Integra. And I’ve had a TON of fun in my Integra. I’ve driven the RSX (both the base RSX and the RSX-S). Fun cars.

Then one day, I had my Teg in for some work. The dealer loaned me a 2004 Acura TSX. Wow. It looks sharp (inside and out). Its a blast to drive. And its the right size for me. I’ve driven the Acura TL for a week which is also an awesome car, but too big and expensive for me. The TSX on the other hand is just right for me.

The Civic has been another option. The 2006 Civics look sharp too. I’m not sure I’m sold on the front end design. I do like the design of the back end – the lines are very sleek. Comparing numbers, the Civic is about the same size as the TSX (with the TSX being a few inches longer, I believe). The Civic has a handful of bells-and-whistles while the TSX has everything, standard. I’ve also owned a Civic and it was a great car. But I want something different.

So I’ve been keeping an eye on Acura’s website. They have a financing deal going on and it looks like I can take advantage of it. I played with the numbers and they all add up. I put a little bit of money down on Saturday for a 2006 Acura TSX, manual, no navi (as they call it – there’s an optional navigation unit available). The dealer I went to had only one TSX with a manual transmission and it was a black car. Black is ok, as I told the dealer, but I’ve had black cars for the past 8 years would like to try something different. Locating a manual transmission TSX is going to be tougher than I thought. Many dealers only have a few TSXs and the ones they have are mostly automatics. What was nuts is they had the color combo I really wanted, on the show room floor, but the car was an automatic. The automatic is actually really nice. It lets you drive without thinking, or you can micro-manage the shifts. But the manual is really smooth and effortless. It makes driving the car a blast.

So here’s the colors I’m looking for, in order of preference:

TSX Blue

TSX Silver

TSX White


The blue and silver cars can have a black or gray interior and my choice is the gray (or “quartz” as they call it). The white and red cars come in black or tan and my choice there would be with the black. I know. I know. Black is hot. It is. But tan makes me sick in my stomach.

The goodies? There’s plenty:

  • 2.4L 4 cylinder engine
  • 205hp @ 7000 rpms, 164lb torque @ 4500 rpms
  • Leather seats, front seats heated
  • Power everything, including the seats
  • Bluetooth hands free phone (although it may not work with my phone
  • 2 auxillary audio jacks (glove compartment and center arm rest) for MP3 players.
  • XM radio (which I could care less about)
  • Trip computer (finally!)
  • Lots of safety – I think there’s about 8 air bags (2 front, 2 back, 2 side, and 2 curtain), traction control + ABS, good crash ratings.

I should find out this week if the dealer can get a car in the colors I’m looking for. If not, no worries. The Teg is still doing great. If I get the TSX, the Teg will go to Olessia and Olessia will sell her Civic (think we found a buyer already).

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