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Olessias 2009 Honda Fit Sport

Olessia's 2009 Honda Fit Sport

Olessia just purchased this 2009 Honda Fit Sport.  She ordered it a couple weeks ago and word was it would be 8 to 10 weeks for it to come in (6 weeks just to ship!).  The dealer pulled some strings and got one a bit sooner.  So Friday the dealer called and told Olessia the car was in.  She ran over to the dealer and did some paperwork while they spent the day preping the car.  She picked it up at 5pm and it was just about good to go (it was missing floor mats since they thought they were standard but were not).

She got a great price on it.  It is a manual transmission (5-speed) and has a navigation unit.  She also added on the cargo tray and cargo shelf.

I drove it on Saturday and it is a FUN car.  It has some nice get-up-and-go.  The seats are very comfy.  The interior has a really nice finish to it.  And geez does this thing have gadgets!  It has a USB adapter for MP3s and iPods, an audio jack, a port for plugging memory sticks in, and plays MP3 CDs and audio DVDs!  The car has voice recognition for controlling the navigation unit and audio.  And to top it all, Olessia is getting about 37mpg!

Now Olessia has a properly working defroster, heating, and AC (and probably her first car with WORKING air conditioning!).

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