We’ve been recommended to to Melt and the food there is good. We’ve been to Melt in Lakewood twice and both times, the food is good, but it comes at a price. So tonight we tried Melt’s new location in Cleveland Heights (east side).

First, our issues with Melt on the west side (Lakewood): You have to plan in advance when you go to Melt. Expect a wait of at least 1.5 hours (on top of our 30 min travel time to get there). Now, Melt on the west side only has about 10 tables so they are going to be a bit busy. Understandable.

Management on the east side think this is perfectly acceptable.

Sure, the east side location just opened up 2 days before, so the wait staff may still be learning the routine (no biggie). I heard it was a much larger location, so I’m thinking the wait shouldn’t be too bad. True, the bar is much larger, the table count appears doubled, but the wait we were told was an hour to an hour and a half (we got there at 6pm on Sunday). Ok, we will wait it out at the bar. The bartender was great. She gave us the heads up that any sandwiches were going to take an hour. Perfect, we will get a snack and drinks and place our meal order at 6:30pm. We even asked before hand to make sure it was ok if we order at the bar and eat at the table.

At 6:45pm, we got our table and I took care of the bar tab, which had the drinks and food on it. Apparently, this was my mistake. I shouldn’t have checked out. In doing so, I think we pissed the waiter off since I left a nice tip for the bartender (who did a great job, I thought). We only saw him twice, once to pick up the menus and a second time to deliver the food (no checking in for water). Food came around 7:45pm.

From the time we got to our table, we had this view of our diner guests not far from us.  We didn’t take the pictures.  Our guests sitting next to us took it.  A few minutes later, they got chewed out for taking pictures of someone being sick.  Let’s back up a bit and to 7pm.

We sit at our table and the boy is hunched over.  Clearly, he isn’t doing too good.  Maybe he couldn’t hold his alcohol?  Dunno.  The girlfriend looks like she is trying to help him and sat patiently waiting for him to sober up.  Up until I see her universal facial expression for “oh shit, I’m going to puke!”  She pukes to the side, I think missing her lap, but hitting the table and the seat.  She doesn’t even put much effort in making it a private event.  It just comes gushing out.

The wait staff attends to the situation by bringing a bucket to clean the mess up and leaves the bucket behind, “just in case.”  Twenty minutes later, the boy finally barfs.  During the 20 minutes, our neighbors snap the picks.  This is when the girl comes over to chew the picture takers out.

This is when I think, “dude, you two are BOTH sick and you’ve been camped out for at least 45 minutes making US sick.  You are in an eatery!  Camp out in the bathroom or go outside.  Anything!”

The sick couple’s neighbors gave us the scoop.  They BOTH tried to eat the Melt Challenge.  This is 5lb of food and they lost.  They are also idiots.

We talked to the manager.  They are aware of the kitchen issues and think the west side location performance is what they are striving for.  So instead of a 2 to 3 hour wait, it will be 1.5 hours.  Right.  The manager also said the barfing cost them $600 in business.

And because we ordered and paid at the bar, I think we were punished and got zero service from the waiter since he knew he wasn’t going to see any tip money.

The food was good.  But not THAT good.  The bill was $50 for 2 sandwiches, an appetizer, a beer, and 2 cocktails, and over an hour for a table, and 2 hours for food.

Sorry Melt, but that was your third chance.  The food is good, but not worth the poor service, long drive, long wait, and expensive tab.

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For Olessia’s birthday, I took her to New York city.  We had a great time.  Traveling by Amtrak is always fun.  We went and saw:

NBC Studios
MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) featuring Tim Burton and Pablo Picasso
Almost made it into Central Park
Brighton Beach
Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
Eat pizza at the very first pizzeria in the USA
Visited Times Square
Hung out for the Easter Day celebration on 5th Ave

Pictures have been posted…

New York City - Click to see more

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Just finished up a little Windows mobile app that crunches some numbers for photographers.  One part of the app shows numbers based on the Sunny 16 rule (f-stop and shutter settings based on available light).  The other part of the app calculates depth of field and what will and will not be in focus.

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Akron kicked me out about this time last year. I had taken some classes at Tri-C, like Russian, which has never been offered at U. Akron while I’ve been a student there. I also took my calculus classes there (calc 1 to get a refresh, then calc 2). Because of this, Akron thought, “I left the college and wasn’t interested in a degree.” Either that, or they were jealous I took classes at another school and didn’t get their permission.

No biggie. I figure U. Akron was going to reset my degree requirements and with that possibility, I figured out what classes I needed to finish up my general education requirements and took them at Tri-C. I saved a good chunk of money (Akron is about $300 or so a credit hour while Tri-C is about $75).

I checked my U. Akron status and they transferred everything over and even gave me some junior year credit for the film class I took. So my general education classes are complete. I’ve got a stats class left to take and the rest are computer science. The estimate is 9 or 10 classes, depending on if I can stay under the old computer science contract or not (probably not). If not, then it will be 10 classes – they added a core computer science class to the mix. I don’t mind. It’s good for me. I plan to be back in class for the summer session.

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I asked Olessia, “when was the last time I took you to a company holiday party?”



When I worked at Keithley, they always charged us $25 or so, per person (including the employee!) to go to their holiday party.  They almost always had their party on the same day Olessia’s company would have their’s (and their’s were free).  National City would have a small department party (30 people or so) which was fun.  This is my first year at Progressive and this was a holiday party just for their IT folks.  They rented out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and made it a cocktail party.  I got to take Olessia to a company party for the first time.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (click for more pictures)

Olessia and Rob at the Rock Hall (click for more pictures)

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Saturday morning 2am, a loud noise is heard.

I couldn’t sleep.  I use the bathroom at 2:30am.  A check from the first floor bedroom window is a view of twisted metal and ice.  Our back gutter lost the fight to the ice.

Gutter fell (click to see more pics)

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Just posted another batch of access points. This one includes the trip to Carroll county. There’s a pretty good number of APs out there.

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I just launched Tekro-Web.com and blog.tekro.com!  Tekro-web brings Tekro’s web hosting to the front and makes for a nice go to page for getting information on Tekro’s web hosting plans.  Blog.tekro.com provides news and updates on Tekro activity and also provides articles and content useful for our existing and future customers.

Check them out when you get a chance!

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I’m a little behind on getting the news posted. It was a crazy couple weeks at work.

John did his first solo cross country flight.  I met him at Carroll County airport (in Carroll county).  It took me about 1 and a half hours to get there and drove about 76 miles.  John only needed 45 minutes to get there and he was flying out of Burke in downtown Cleveland.  John’s instructor was right, the “on base” restaurant servers great pie (the burger was great too).  John let me borrow his hand-held scanner.  I was able to use that to listen for John’s announcements for landing.  The landing and take off looked great.

John Landing

John Landing

Top Gun

The Top Gun Walk

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The Wallpaper Changer has been updated. The new version includes the ability to remember the last configuration file used and load it automatically when you start the program. Download it today!

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