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I was poking around for some photography calculating apps for my phone and found a couple nice looking ones for the iPhone.  I didn’t find much that worked for Windows mobile gadgets.  So I wrote this little app over the weekend.

I can’t take credit for the depth of field calculations.  Check out  They have some spiffy depth of field calculations going on (plus a spiffy looking iPhone app).

The Exposure Calculator calculates f-stop and shutter settings based on the specified light available and the ISO selected.  Change the ISO or the light and the f-stop and shutter speeds update automatically.

Sunny 16 Rule

Use the depth of field calculator to determine what distances will be in and out of focus.  Also calculates hyperfocal distance.

Depth of Field

Download Photography Calculator (.cab, 444kb).  Copy to your device and run.

This app was built for Windows Mobile v6.  It has been tested on v6 and v6.1.

  • dieselpower
    #1 written by dieselpower  7 years ago

    Thanks so much for this app, very, very handy. It would, however, be great if there was an exposure equivalency calculator built in! For example, say you take a reading of 30 seconds at ISO 800 f/3.5 but want to lower the ISO, or increase the DOF (or both) then a calculator that would work it out for you based on your read values would be fabulous! It would certainly save some of the guesswork of using ‘bulb mode’. I have an excel spreadsheet on my PDA but it doesn’t work very well and is very, very, very clunky!

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