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I keep getting calls for Wayne.  Apparently Wayne has had my cell number for as long as everyone could remember, even though I’ve had this number for over 2 years now without any calls for Wayne until a couple weeks ago.  Funny thing is, they keep calling thinking Wayne will pick up if they just try hard enough.

There are a ton of apps that do what my app does.  I didn’t want to shell out the money to buy one and instead try writing one myself.

Call Block Drop

Call Block Drop Application

This works on the AT&T Tilt (HTC Kaiser).  I don’t know if it will work with other phones.

Note, this app takes a second to handle the call events and the phone will likely ring once before getting dropped or blocked.

Also, if you minimize the app, it may appear to be closed since it doesn’t appear in the task list, but it is still running.  Just click the icon and it will open back up.  The installer will install it in the startup and if after booting up it is full screen, tap Minimize to hide it.

A counter is kept to keep track of how many times that number has been blocked/dropped.  Enjoy!

Download Call Block Drop (.cab file, 95k) for Windows Mobile

The source code can be made available if there is an interest, although its not pretty.

  • Rob
    #1 written by Rob  7 years ago

    I updated the app. Before, it would minimize out of site and you couldn’t pop it back open. That has been fixed.

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